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First DataBank is proud of the extensive editorial and quality control procedures which it has developed over many years. However, since every patient’s history is different, and even the most exhaustive sources of information cannot cover every possible eventuality, you should be aware that all information is provided from the First DataBank database on the basis that the healthcare professionals responsible for patient care will retain FULL and SOLE responsibility for deciding what treatment to prescribe or dispense for all patients and, in particular whether the use of any drug or other product is safe, appropriate or effective for any particular patient or in any particular circumstances.

This is because (and all healthcare professionals should bear in mind):

1. The First DataBank database is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of physicians, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals.

2. The First DataBank database and those who are responsible for its construction, operation and maintenance do not know the particular circumstances, condition or medical history of particular patients or groups of patients and so cannot advise as to particular cases.

3. While the First DataBank database uses reputable sources of information, such as published data of pharmaceutical manufacturers, it does not validate or verify the information received from third parties.

4. The information stored on the First DataBank database is not exhaustive. It therefore cannot be relied upon as complete.

5. Although the information stored on the First DataBank database is updated on a regular basis, healthcare professionals should ensure that they are satisfied that the information they have is current.